NPA Values


The NPA lives its values of independence and accountability in its administration of justice in a manner that is objective, free from fear and transparent.

The values underpin the NPA’s vision of a system of justice that enables people to live in freedom and security. They underpin our mission to serve the public through an efficient, equitable and effective administration of the law.

Maintaining the integrity of the South African criminal justice system requires high ethical standards and a continuing reflection on decisions and actions as much against our mandate. We strive to remain professional, accountable, and credible and to maintain our reputation for acting in the public interest.

These values guide the aspirations of the NPA as an institution and remain the preeminent focus under the NDPP.


We do not take the decision to prosecute lightly. We act without fear, favour, or prejudice, confident in our ability to justify our legal choices through established precedent and transparent policies and guidelines.

Our decisions are not only impartial but are also perceived to be impartial because we are free from external control and have the financial autonomy to not be swayed by need.


The NPA is committed to providing an organizational environment and culture that embraces knowledge and experience and where truth and integrity are regarded as paramount.

An adherence to professionalism built on expertise and competence and a strict adherence to the ethics of the legal profession and our organization’s Code of Conduct is at the heart of our organization. Our staff remain committed to the regulatory responsibilities of our office, accountability to the injured and the highest standards of professional conduct in and out of court.


Our actions are based on clear and transparent policies and directives that has earned us the confidence of the public that we serve. Our credibility and legitimacy lay in our ability to justify our decisions and actions and budget honestly and openly to a multitude of stakeholders.

The standards we hold ourselves to extends to the audiences we are accountable to, including victims of crime, witnesses, investigators, the courts, and the country through Parliamentary oversight.


Professionalism, accountability, and expertise has earned us the credibility that stands at the heart of hard-earned public trust. From this credibility springs the legitimacy and discretion to use wisely the powers entrusted to us by the Constitution.

Our history of ethical, independent, accountable, and professional decision making, and our willingness to accept and correct errors in decision making has earned us the public's trust. Without this trust, the NPA would lack the credibility to engender justice for all.


We expect of all our staff to exceed the rules of professional conduct and go beyond the minimum requirements of the law. We demand of them that in their public interactions they display integrity be guided by moral principles.

Internally we have a zero tolerance for corruption and bribery and have policies in place that censure and punish dishonest and criminal conduct. We are creating an environment where responsible and ethical behaviour is second nature.

Service Excellence

We do not believe that accessibility, availability, efficiency, courtesy, and empathy should be indicators of service excellence. We believe that for an organization committed to putting people first and intent on building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships, a commitment to excellent service is a basic requirement.

The NPA is committed to meeting and exceeding service delivery targets, providing easy recourse to report unsatisfactory service, and complying with the Batho Pele principles.

As a team, the NPA is committed to building out its results-oriented culture. To proactively address challenges, to act confidently in defence of the rights of all citizens and to create and maintain an enabling, creative, and innovative environment that empowers us to perform our duties to the best of our collective abilities.

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