Life imprisonment for a man who raped a teenager, Ladysmith Regional Court

Life imprisonment for a man who raped a teenager, Ladysmith Regional Court

The Ladysmith Regional Court has sentenced a 44-year-old man today to a term of life imprisonment following his conviction on the rape of a 16-year-old girl in June 2021 in the Besters area, Ladysmith. The complainant lived alone in her house following the death of her mother, and she knew the accused who was her friend's uncle.

On the day of the first incident she was returning home from school when she met the man along the way, and she greeted him. She then went home and changed into her sports kit and went to play sports. On her return home, she found him in her house and he was armed with a gun. He threatened to kill her if she screamed and proceeded to tie her hands up and raped her. He did this on three other occasions and the girl was too scared to report this to anybody, but eventually confided in her friend. Thereafter, she attempted suicide, and the social worker tending to her then discovered what was going on. Her estranged father was informed and they opened a case at the police station.

In securing the state's case, the Acting Regional Court Prosecutor, Sathsha Budram led the evidence of the complainant who was a single witness. The state further called the testimony of her friend, who was the first report. Budram also handed in a Victim Impact Statement compiled by the complainant and facilitated by Court Preparation Officer, Bhekithemba Hopewell Sithole. In her statement, the complainant said that she has flashbacks of the incidents, and she has considered committing suicide again. She says that she no longer trusts people. The man was sentenced to life imprisonment and was declared unfit to possess a firearm. Further, the court ordered that his name be entered into the National Register of Sex Offenders.

The NPA welcomes the successful finalisation of this matter and commends the work done by the prosecution team and the police.


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Natasha Ramkisson-Kara

NPA Regional Spokesperson

KZN Division



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