Welcome to NPA

In a Constitutional state such as South Africa, all citizens have a right to enjoy a better quality of life … free from fear and free from crime.

One cannot overstate the importance of access to information in a democratic state and I hope you will find this website a useful tool in your endeavour to better understand the NPA, in particular, and the criminal justice system in general.

As a key partner in the criminal justice system, the NPA plays a critical role in ensuring that perpetrators of crime are charged and held responsible for their criminal actions.

While the core work of the NPA will remain prosecutions and being a lawyer of the people, our strategy seeks to ensure that the organization becomes more pro-active so as to:

  • contribute to growth of the South African economy;
  • contribute to freedom from crime;
  • contribute to social development;
  • promote a culture of civic morality;
  • reduce crime; and
  • ensure public confidence in the Criminal Justice System.