Complaints Mechanism

NB: Please note that the information below refers to corruption within the NPA. The hotline given below is therefore only for NPA-related corrupt activities and unethical behaviour.

To report corruption in other areas of the public service, please use the Government’s anti-corruption hotline. Otherwise you can also contact the South African Police Service.

Report Corruption

Corruption inhibits service delivery. Likewise, reporting corruption will enable us to effectively deliver service to the public and to live up to our vision of delivering justice in our society, so that people can live in freedom and security. Combating and eliminating corruption is everybody’s responsibility and if we do not report it, we are as guilty as the perpetrators.

What is the NPA Service Delivery hotline?

The NPA service delivery hotline is a 24 hour toll free service. It is aimed at enabling the public and members of the NPA to report wrongdoings or transgressions with the NPA values in respect of the service that the NPA renders to the public.

What are some examples of things I should report?

  • Suspected contract irregularities and violations of the NPA’s procurement guidelines
  • Corruption
  • Fraud
  • Bribery or acceptance of gratuities
  • Maladministration
  • Misuse of funds or assets
  • Misuse of official resources
  • Illegal disclosure of information
  • Acts of dishonesty
  • Ill treatment of the members of the public
  • Theft
  • Abuse of authority
  • Travel-related fraud
  • Benefits and allowance fraud
  • Involvement of NPA staff in any of the afore-mentioned
  • Racism or discrimination

What information do I need to provide?

Please make your complaint as specific as possible and include details such as:

  • what alleged wrongdoing you are reporting,
  • where and when (dates and times if available),
  • who is/are the perpetrators,
  • And how the individual or firm committed the alleged wrongdoing.

How do I provide the information I have?

Call the NPA Hotline (operated by an independent organization)

0800 21 25 80
Hotline open 24 hours a day
Anonymous calls accepted.
To enable the callers to make follow-ups to their reported cases, a reference number will be provided.

What is the NPA’s confidentiality policy?

In supporting the organisation’s efforts to detect and prevent unethical conduct, the NPA has developed the whistle blowing policy. This policy is aimed at protecting the whistle blower against victimisation. The NPA considers unethical conduct (such as corruption, fraud, theft, maladministration and malpractice) in a very serious light. It furthermore recognises the value and importance of its employees in eradicating corrupt activities. Failure to report on acts of fraud, corruption, theft, maladministration and such, is regarded in terms of the mentioned policy as misconduct and will be charged as such.