Cabinet Statement on COVID-19

Representations to the NPA: Online submissions encouraged

In light of the preventative measures that the NPA has adopted to manage the spread of COVID-19, representors are encouraged to submit their representations online at

In circumstances where representors do not have access to online facilities, alternative arrangements will be made for secure submission of representations through drop-boxes outside the buildings / gates.

Representations should be in writing and should include all relevant information pertaining to the case such as the police CAS Number, name of the accused or suspect and the name of the court as well as a copy of the correspondence from the Director of Public Prosecutions regarding his/her decision in the matter.

  • Representations for the review of the decision by the office of the National Director of Public Prosecutions should be forwarded to:
  • Kindly note that representations/complaints concerning the conduct of a prosecutor of whatever rank, should be directed to the said prosecutor’s immediate superior, and if unresolved, to be escalated to the Senior Public Prosecutor, Chief Prosecutor or the Director of Public Prosecutions.
  • For proper registration and record keeping purposes only this email address must be used for representations, conduct of prosecutors and decisions made in the lower courts: